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LEATHER & SUEDE  We can do a minor to major alterations in your leather or suede jacket to make it looking perfect on you.

Wedding gowns, Bridesmaid dresses, Flower girl dresses, Suits & Tuxedos. All kinds of alterations service from a simple hem to a Wedding/ Formal wear welcome to our Expert tailors. We will give you a special gift in your special day by helping you to get the best shape in your wedding garment.

TAKE IN Pants Waist & Sides, Business & Casual Shirts, Skirt, Casual/Formal Jackets. Take in the clothes is one of the most popular jobs in clothing alterations. You may have lost weight and all your cloths became too loose for your slimming body shape or your new pants need to be taken in at the waist and maybe a bit from sides for a perfect shape. You love your evening dress colour and style, but it is a bit too loose at the sides, just come to us and receive the best fitted shape for your dress. Do you like your jeans to look more skinny?

LET OUT  Pants Waist, Jacket Sides, Skirt, Casual/Formal Dresses Sides. You recently gained weight and your clothes no longer fit you. Or maybe your brand new trousers are perfect in style,but a bit tight at the waist, Head to Prestige and we will alter your clothes to make you feel comfortable.

SHORTENING  Jeans, Trousers, Skirt, Shirt (Hem & Sleeves), Casual & Formal Dresses (Hem & Straps), Jacket (Sleeves and Hem). If you like your favorite jeans to be shortened keeping the same style and original hem, just come to our expert tailors. Original Hem All your clothes can be shortened in the original way at  Ann's Tailor & Alterations.

ZIPPERS  Pants, Jeans, Skirt, Dress, Jacket & Jumper, Cushion.  We can fix the current zippers or totally change them if broken. New Zippers Normal Zippers: This kind of zippers normally are used for Jeans, Trousers, Jacket and Jumper. Invisible Zippers: This kind of zippers are used for dresses and skirts.

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LENGTHENING  Jeans, Pants, Trousers, Skirt Hem, Jacket Sleeves.  You would like to purchase a new suit, but the pants hem and the jacket sleeves look a bit short on you. Your pants looked in a right length when purchased, but shrunk after being washed and need to be lengthen to get the proper length. You are a teenager and still growing up despite your pants, and need to adjust them with your height. We can lengthen your garments by adding a false hem to the maximum length.

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REPAIR  Repair a ripped seam, fixing Shoulder pad, buttons, hooks and any other fasteners. Your favorite jeans are ripped at the crotch which is a common place for a rip to occur. Our specialist tailors will repair them for you by putting a patch under the torn place and stitching at the top to extend the life of your jeans.